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vibrationology: searching for resonances in the sonic architecture of matter(s)
If we take seriously the notion that materials and space hold memory, what song would they sing? If everything is an echo of the big bang, is all connected through vibration? This speculative work thinks through the inbetweens of the materiality and implications of steel, resonances and hauntings, cities and heterotopias, noises and silences, rhythms and frequencies. Situated in the subterranean service tunnels beneath the Wits School of Arts, a series of activatable interventions which disrupt the musical instrument, the sound effects machine and the sculpture, create a space for deep listening and sound making.

This is body of work was developed as MAFA dissertation at Wits School of Arts, graduating with distinction in 2021. Documented as 12" vinyl record including with extensive liner notes, housed in a handmade, mild steel case, this limited edition of 25 will be available in early 2022.

Please click here to download a digital version of the sonic and written texts contained on the record.


stills from vibrationlogy performance - oct 2019

(a huge thank you to both Reshma Chhiba and Riley Pam-Grant for documenting the performance and taking some of these images)


Vibrationology Poster.jpg
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